Welcome to the ABC

The Appalachia Book Company is a non-profit publisher and literary event company dedicated to empowering the voices of central Appalachia. Our mission is to preserve and promote the rich literary history of our region and to discover and provide opportunities to emerging writers. 

We publish a chapbook series called Made in Appalachia along with special projects.   

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Made In Appalachia

Our signature chapbook series for emerging authors with a connection to central Appalachia. We currently publish two books a year. 

Submissions are open. 

Porch Pop (aka Drinks With Brian)

Our Twitter space for sharing news and discussing Appalachia in pop culture. 

Coming soon. 

Blood Roots

Our new podcast devoted to Appalachian murder ballads and their place in American music history. 

Hosts: Natalie Axton, Trevor McKenzie, Michael McNulty. 

Episode One currently in post-production.